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Comeback Season To Prove Im Great

Comeback Season

Injuries are not ideal when it comes to playing sports. The setbacks in your training and in practice can bring you down, but not for Maddy Salazar when training at Texas Footwork.

Salazar is a sophomore beach volleyball player at Arizona State University. She started training during her junior year of high school at Texas Footwork with Darren Hendricks, which prepared her for ASU. “At Texas Footwork, everyone is very encouraging of one another and they are all about making each other better,” Salazar said. During her first year of playing at ASU, she had a back injury that caused her to have some setbacks in her goals, but with Hendrick’s help, this year is going to be her comeback year.

When it comes to injuries and working out, it is good to have your trainer aware of what is going on, so they won’t push you out of your comfort zone. “Darren is really cautious of my back injury. He knows it’s been an issue and he tells me to communicate with him if something is bothering me,” Salazar said.

Training at Texas Footwork has helped her get back into shape and reaching to achieve her goals for her sophomore year at ASU. ”

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