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Sport Specific

We offer Sport-specific training at our facility as well. If you would like your athlete to drill down on a specific technique or component of their sports. Sport Specific personal training sessions may be best for you.

Our coaches tailor workouts and exercises to match the demands of their chosen sport, This specialized training helps them develop the necessary muscle groups, agility, and coordination required for excelling in their sport of interest.

Moreover, sport-specific training minimizes the risk of injuries by reinforcing proper techniques and form. It can be a  game-changer for athletes, empowering them to reach their full athletic potential and build a strong foundation for a successful sporting journey. Join us now and watch your child soar to new heights in their favorite sport!

Class Overall

Pure Strength

It is imperative that everyone maximises the time they spend exercising to help guarantee optimal results from the commitment.

Our Philosophy

At Texas Footwork our philosophy is to prepare young athletes through competition, teamwork, and discipline.  Our goal is to provide high-intensity training in a first-class facility where athletes can train year-round.  Our trainers are always positive which allows every athlete to give it their all during each training session.  We motivate athletes to increase speed, develop a positive self-image, and build a positive work ethic for life! 

Our Mission

Our Mission at Texas Footwork is to challenge, push, and motivate young athletes to be disciplined while achieving goals through sports and high-intensity training.  

Our Vision

At Texas Footwork our main goal is to improve your speed, strength, and agility.  We emphasize footwork as the core of our training but we also focus on getting you faster.  Athletes that lack footwork struggle as they grow older and the competition increases.  Athletes with great footwork tend to dominate in their sport and earn college scholarships.  We train athletes as young as five years old to build a solid athletic foundation.

We Help Athletes Achieve Their Goal!


At Texas Footwork our goal is to make you faster, stronger,  and more explosive through Speed, Agility, and Strength training. We provide an intense but safe training environment to get the most out of our athletes. Our programs seek to improve athletic development such as coordination and balance, spatial awareness, and flexibility. The ultimate goal is to build a stronger, quicker, more agile, and injury-resistant athlete.

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