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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book classes :

Sessions are booked through

Select your trainer and time slot from the calendar, call for assistance

How do I book private sessions:

Private sessions are generally hosted on Saturday and Sundays . Saturday 8-12 and Sunday 1-4p

What do I need to bring ?

Shorts, shirt, t-shirt, towel, water bottle


Memberships and payments are on a 30 day basis. Clients are billed between the 28th and 3rd of the month. Auto pay is also an option. Monthly payments must be paid no later than the 5th of the month. Packages or sessions do not carry over from month to month.

Class length/time?

Personal training and group sessions are 1 hr in length

Call Us Now!

1114 1st St E Suite A Suite A, Humble, TX 77338

MON – FRI: 5.00-9.00 CST

SATURDAY: Private Sessions

SUNDAY: Closed

Join Us Now!

Free 3 days gym access, plus access to our boxing, Cycling, and other facilities. Also, get 30% off the 1st month when you sign up for your trial. Be Strong and stay fit with us!


At Texas Footwork our goal is to make you faster, stronger,  and more explosive through Speed, Agility, and Strength training. We provide an intense but safe training environment to get the most out of our athletes. Our programs seek to improve athletic development such as coordination and balance, spatial awareness, and flexibility. The ultimate goal is to build a stronger, quicker, more agile, and injury-resistant athlete.

1114 1ST ST

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